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“Committed To Excellence In Over 6 Diverse Sectors”
Founded in 1963, FINCO’s origins date back to when Norman Edward Weerasooria Sr. planted the seeds of Alpha Industries Limited. Held in high esteem in both the spheres of business and law, Mr. Weerasooria Sr. held the title of "Queen's Counsel" while also being associated with high profile private and government organisations.

He laid the groundwork for Alpha Industries to fill the niche in the market where there was a demand for locally produced steel cupboards and safes. Norman Edward Weerasooria Jr. fell heir to the company soon after its inception. He was also a talented lawyer, a graduate of the University of Columbia and a professional staff member of the UN-World Bank. These accolades; evidence of his fastidious leadership and vision, were furthered when in four years he turned the company into not just a successful manufacturing facility, but also a finance company dealing in real estate, property and ental assets, trading and representation.

In 1967, Norman Edward Weerasooria Jr. ascended to the position of Chairman of the newly founded Group; absorbing Alpha Industries in the process and soaring to new heights. Experiencing unbridled growth, we became one of the first private sector organisations in the country to embrace a green business philosophy. By 1969, ten new subsidiary companies saw emergence from the success of the Group. Dominating multiple sectors across many industries; while also providing sustainable and ethical high impact solutions to both local and international markets. The structure of the organization embodies the breaking down and re-fortifying of the individual fragments, through stronger bonds; a concept best exemplified in the Japanese art of Kitsukuroi.

The art form of Kitsukuroi which originated in the 15th Century, came into existence when the Japanese discovered a manner to repair broken pottery using a combination of lacquer dusted with shavings of precious metals, the likes of gold, silver and platinum; thus forming a stronger bond and leaving behind beautiful paths formed along the cracks. Poetically translated to “Golden Joinery”, The “trickling” do not just join the broken shards, but add to the history of the piece; proudly displaying the battle scars and bonds formed in its lifetime.
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