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“Conquering the Skies with Alpha Tours”
Alpha Tours (Private) Limited is a business involved in airline representation and travel. Incorporated in 1974, the company gained international and local licensure to operate as a General Sales Agent (GSA) for airlines. In 1976, ATL commenced operations as the GSA for Korean Airlines in Sri Lanka for both passenger and cargo, and quickly expanded its operations to encompass the Maldives as well.

Over 40 years later, we continue to operate as the GSA for Korean Airlines in Sri Lanka and the Maldives; and have also diversified to produce subsidiaries that provide cargo representation for other airlines, and services for inbound tours. We maintain excellent international standards and hold the ISO 9002/ISO 9000:2001 accreditation, as well as being certified by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) – a trade association representing the world’s airlines; to operate as a General Sales and Service Agent for airlines. We have also been awarded licenses to operate in the travel and tourism sector of Sri Lanka by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority and the Director General of Civil Aviation.

Our highly trained ATL team is well versed in IATA rules and regulations and provide professional airline services such as passenger and cargo marketing, flight services and administrative work. ATL is also often the liaison between other airlines, and civil aviation and airport authorities to provide a seamless experience for our clientele.