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"The Pioneer of Environmentally Responsible Luxury Holidays"
Uga Escapes is the Finco Group’s pioneering entry into the leisure sector. Founded under the banner of FINCO Leisure, Uga Escapes owns and operates five luxury eco-friendly boutique hotels around the island that celebrate the diverse natural habitats and cultural zones of Sri Lanka’s landscape. All the resorts are built and run sustainably to conserve and enrich their surrounding environment furthering the group’s commitment to green business practices.

The hotels are constructed with environmentally friendly biodegradable materials and are powered by solar power and biogas. Water treatment plants, the use of clay and glass instead of plastic, and organic gardens ensure that the hotel's operation leave a minimal ecological impact. As a result of the innovative and sustainable designs of the hotels, Uga Escapes was the first eco-hotel chain in Sri Lanka to obtain the LEED certification (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) from the Green Building Council of the United States.

Uga Escapes initiated a paradigm shift, with traveller tastes moving toward the direction of environmentally responsible luxury holidays on the island. Incorporating contemporary facilities into nature immersive eco-friendly architectural designs and pairing it with the foresight of a conscientious management coupled with intra-group synergies enables the resorts to maintain its prominence in the highly competitive hospitality sector. Looking to expand on its portfolio of “back to nature” inspired resorts, Uga Escapes is resolved to contribute further to the sustainable development of the nation’s leisure industry.
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