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“Sri Lanka’s Premier Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Solutions Provider”
Genesiis is a leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions provider based in Colombo with core competency in offshore software development, systems integration, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and telecommunications. We are committed to the timely delivery of user-friendly custom-built systems with zero defects, and robust and extensible product design.

Our operations range from the development of websites to internet-enabled business systems (based on reference frameworks such as Java Enterprise Edition, Microsoft.NET, and Open Source technologies), and subcontract services to build modules or components for larger systems. Genesiis is also the authorized global reseller and service provider for DigitalGlobe (USA) satellite earth imagery – the world’s leading supplier of high-quality 0.5-meter digital earth imagery which is used for a variety of GIS and Remote Sensing applications. Genesiis merges its software development capabilities with GIS expertise to deliver innovative and advanced GIS software systems.

A highly trained team guarantees dependable customer service and the delivery of software products that are user friendly, attractive, scalable, and robust. Efficient product delivery is ensured by the use of proven software development methodologies and disciplined project management techniques. Presently Genesiis software products are in use around the world in locations such as Sri Lanka, Singapore, Australia, the USA, and the UK.