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"A Journey To Remember"
What started out as a conversation between two sports journalists in early 2000, snowballed into the idea that eventually took the shape of Red Dot Tours. In an attempt to bring light to a country that they had come to love through their collective travels, this was the beginning of a comprehensive travel shop for Sri Lankan holidays; driven by the desire to tell people about one of the most acclaimed tourist destinations in the world.

The dedicated and talented staff possesses an intimate and encyclopedic knowledge of Sri Lanka. Independence and firm grasp of travel trends remains up-to-the-minute and trusted by a loyal and growing clientele. Red Dot Tours employs a committed personal approach, alongside value for money, carefully-curated choices of accommodation options to suit all budgets, a wide selection of specialist itineraries and a huge and varied range of experiences. The company’s pool of chauffeur-guides also go on record as some of the finest in the country.